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  • Who Are We?

    We're a husband & wife duo with 4 kids and a dog.  Our lives are crazy, and we decided to make them even crazier by adding Bettie to our family.  We bought her in early 2023 and realized quickly that we'd have to rebuild her from the ground up.  After 10 months of work she was finally ready to make her debut.

  • Do We Get Copies of the Photos?

    Of course!  We use a state of the art Dye Sublimation Printer that prints professional quality photos in either 2x6 or 4x6.  Your guests can request extra copies after each session.  We also offer a engraved memory book which will include copies of each strip.

  • How Soon are Photos Uploaded Online?

    We typically have all the photos uploaded within 24 hours.  We'll provide you a link to share with your guests or we can link it directly from our website.

  • How Big is the Camper, and Does She Fit Indoors?

    Bettie is 7' wide, 8' tall and 15' tongue to tail.  We ask for a 10' x 20' open and flat spot to set her up on.  As long as the door is 8' tall and 8' wide, we can squeeze her inside.

  • What About Electricity?

    We bring along a whisper generator to all events so we don't need to be near an outlet.  If we're near an outlet, great!  If not, we've got you covered.

  • Do you Offer Custom Props & Backdrops?

    Every event includes a standard set of props and backdrops to choose from.  We'll work with you to understand your specific requests and put together a quote that incorporates your own vision if you're looking for something specific.

  • Do you Include Seating and Other Decorations on the Outside of the Camper?

    Yes, we do!  Everything you see in the pictures is typically included.  Custom requests like balloon arches will cost a little extra.

  • How Far Will You Travel?

    Travel inside 50 miles from 33776 is included, but travel fees apply for longer distances.

  • How Large of An Event Can you Handle?

    We'll stay all day, but you're limited on how many people can get in and out of the camper each hour.  Based on our experience, it takes about 90 seconds for each picture group to cycle through the photo booth, so expect 40 sessions per hour.  You can use that as a estimate to decide how many hours you'd need us onsite.

  • Do You Do Small Parties?

    Absolutely!  Our standard offerings aren't for everyone.  Contact us for custom quotes for events like birthday and graduation parties, bridal showers, gender reveals, or other small gatherings.

  • Can the Camper Be Rented for a Photo Shoot?

    If you're a blogger, photographer, or venue, we're more than happy for you to use her as a backdrop.  Bettie can be rented for $300 for a 2 hour minimum, and $100 per additional hour.